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About Sea Scouts

From Doldrums to Shipshape

In 2007, the Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) of the 82nd Craigalmond (Cramond) Seascouts was vandalised beyond repair, and they were left without a rescue boat. Scouts in kayaks No RIB meant no sailing and no powerboating activities for the scouts. The Seascouts were sinking fast and went into the doldrums during 2008.

In the autumn of 2008, the 82nd Scout Group decided to make an effort to ‘refloat’ their Seascouts. A community appeal was made for new leaders, and the scouts and explorers bagpacked and carbooted to raise enough monies to buy a new RIB. The ‘Beserker’ was launched in June 2009 at Longcraigs.

Nine new Seascout leaders were found and the 82nd Seascouts were again able to provide sailing, kayaking and powerboating activities. They discovered however, that a lot of their other seascout equipment needed replaced. So whilst the new leaders got themselves AAP’d (Adventurous Activity Permitted) a substantial seascout shopping list was produced. It was obvious that to become shipshape would take a serious amount of money!

Scouts in kayaks

Undeterred, a small fundraising team was set up in the summer of 2009 to pitch for grant monies, and organise bagpacking. Three trust applications were made and bagpacks at Tesco, Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys were secured. In Nov 2009 the Seascouts were delighted to find out that the Peoples Post Code Trust were to award them £10,000, and then within weeks, Trinity House Trust (A Scout Fund) confirmed their award of £5,500. The festive bagpacks raised an additional £2,400. The Seascouts are now busy purchasing their equipment, refitting their seascout cellar at Cramond, and planning the seascout programme of activities for the coming sailing season. The 82nd Seascouts are now indeed shipshape.