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About Scouts

The Troop welcomes boys and girls aged between 10 and 14 years. From 14 to 18 a Scout may become an Explorer Scout. Young leaders are selected from age 16, should they wish to take on the responsibilities involved. It is not necessary to have been a Beaver or a Cub Scout previously.

Young people who progress from Cubs, or join directly are welcome to take part in our meetings and activities for a few weeks to experience “life in the Troop” before making a commitment and become invested in the Scout Troop and formally join a Patrol.

We currently have six patrols

Eagle patrol badge Hawk patrol badge Kingfisher patrol badge
Otter patrol badge Raven patrol badge Seal patrol badge

Our patrols reflect both Land and Sea. Land being Eagle, Hawk & Raven patrols and Sea being Kingfisher, Otter & Seal patrols.

The Scouts at Cramond are a combined Scout/Sea Scout Group. Both meet throughout the year on a Friday with additional Seascout activities being offered during sailing season. So we have both green scout shirts and blue seascout shirts within our Troop. As a seascout troop we offer sailing, kayaking, canoeing and powerboating throughout the sailing season.

Scouts in  bivouac

Seascouts are encouraged to undertake RYA (sailing or powerboating) or BCU(kayak or canoe) training at our local Scout Water Centre at Longcraigs to supplement the practical experience they receive seascouts.

Every year we camp at Easter – in bunked accomodation for 5 days and at Summer under canvas, on a greenfield site at a Loch edge somewhere for 7 days. We also have Senior Scout camps (sometimes it’s a Boot camp, sometimes it’s a beach camp!) which are overnighters.

We actively encourage our scouts to aim for the Gold Chief Scout award, the highest award in the Scout section. By being an active scout within our troop and attending regularly the troop meetings, outings, camps and annual youth service will ensure most of the Gold Chief Scout requirements are covered.