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Beaver Badges

This diagram shows where badges go on the Beaver uniform.

All badges are issued by the colony.  This includes membership badges, which are issued as part of the investiture ceremony a few weeks into a Beaver's first term.  It is important to only wear any badges earned through acitivities in the colony.  If you inherit a uniform with badges already on it, please remove them before use.

The different areas of the uniform carry badges of different types, and these are described below.

Some types of badges are general across Scouting, and are transferred to the Cub uniform when a Beaver progresses to Cubs.  These are marked with a * below.  The rest are specific to Beavers, and do not transfer to the Cub uniform.

* Membership badges

These represent membership of Scouting.  All of these transfer to Cubs.

  • Membership Award.  Purple circle, left breast.
  • Joining In Awards.  Left breast.
    • Year awards.  Coloured squares with a number, reflecting the number of years in Scouting (orange =1, pink =2).
    • Moving On Award.  Red-edged yellow rectangle, with a red swoosh, "be prepared".  Marking the transition to Cubs.
  • Group name tape (green, gold or silver writing, right arm)
  • Scotland badge (right arm)
  • South-East Region badge (yellow edged blue and white shield, compass rose, right arm)
  • CraigAlmond District badge (yellow edged maroon shield with green triangle and blue river, right arm)

Challenge badges

These yellow diamonds with a navy edge belong on the right breast.  They represent the six challenge areas for Beavers:

  • Promise
  • Outdoor
  • Fitness
  • Creative
  • Friendship
  • Global

When all six have been earned, the *Chief Scouts Bronze Award is given.  This is a bronze oval, and also goes on the right breast.

Activity badges

All activity badges go on the left arm.  They fall into two groups: regular Beaver activity badges, and staged activity badges

  • Regular Beaver activity badges are yellow circles with a navy edge.
  • *Staged activity badges are blue circles with a purple edge.  These activities have stages covering all sections of Scouting.

Additional badges

A few other badges may be awarded, but are rare.

  • *Gallantry / Meritorious Conduct Awards (right breast)
  • *Partnership Awards (right arm)
  • Occasional Badges (such as Queen's Diamond Jubilee) (left collar)